Pure Potions – Skin Salvation Intensive hand cream



Made with shea butter, sea buckthorn berry oil, hemp seed oil, calendula, chickweed, chamomile and nettle. This incredibly rich and nourishing cream provides a super-effective barrier to lock in moisture and keep irritants out of damaged skin. It’s at least 99.5% natural and made with organic plant-based ingredients.’

First off it is a great size, just right for your hand bag. It has a pump which makes it easy to use, especially when you have just put cream all over your hands and don’t want to worry about fiddling with the cap.

It’s pretty fragrance-free which is good for those of us who suffer from sensitive skin, as it is less likely to react to your skin. A rich cream that will leave your hands slightly greasy, so be sure not to put on too much.

Suitable for sensitive skin and those prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

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