Bare 40+



Bare 40+ is a gel formula that goes of feeling very hydrating without a sticky feeling greasy or heavy.

Key Features

  • Fast-absorbing gel format means fast absorption
  • No white or chalky appearance to embarrass you
  • Salicylic acid helps promote natural exfoliation
  • Calms itchy and dry skin through intense hydration
  • After healing is achieved, continue to use once daily to prevent new callus formation

It absorbs quickly so you can put your shoes on quickly without waiting for your feet to dry, getting you in your shoes quicker.

Use this twice daily and you’ll begin to see a noticeable improvement in your calluses in two to three weeks.

Bare 40+  feels amazing and immediately comforts callus discomfort. It comes with a 100% refund if you’re not absolutely satisfied with the product. This guarantee states that you can purchase Bare 40 with confidence or get your money back, no questions asked.

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